Development Registers

Application Tracker

Application Tracking enables the public to access information about development associated applications and to track the progress of an application from lodgement to determination. 

Applications available in application tracking include:

  • Development Applications (DA's);
  • Applications to modify development applications (s4.55); and
  • Construction Certificates (CC's).

The information and documents have been provided to assist in tracking the progress of an application and represent milestones in the process but are not a complete history of the application.

Information may also be obtained on applications that:

  • Have recently been determined

Major Projects

Some types of development are deemed to have State Significance due to the size, economic value or potential impacts that a development may have.  Development that is State Significant Development (SSD) is identified in the State Environmental Planning Policy.

For information regarding all SSD applications currently on exhibition, under assessment or previously determined please visit Department of Planning Major Projects.

LEP Tracker 

The process of creating and modifying Local Environmental Plans (LEPs) starts with a planning proposal which is undertaken by Council.  Proposals are then submitted for an assessment by the Department of Planning and Environment to determine whether they have sufficient merit to proceed.  This is called "The Gateway".

The Tracker allows you to keep up-to-date with any current planning proposals.

LEP Tracker

VPA Register

Planning agreements (also commonly referred to as VPAs) are voluntary agreements entered into by the Council and a developer to deliver public benefits.  These include:

  • the dedication of land to Council;
  • monetary contributions;
  • public infrastructure;
  • community facilities;
  • affordable housing; and
  • any other material public benefit or any combination of these.

Planning agreements are prepared under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act in relation to either a planning proposal (rezoning application) or a development application.

Below is a current list of Executed VPA's:

Executed VPA 133 Marys Mount Road, Teneriffe Goulburn (DA/0183/1718)(PDF, 758KB)

Executed VPA 153 Taralga Road, Goulburn (DA/0182/1617)(PDF, 1MB)

Executed VPA 22 Fitzroy Street, Goulburn (DA/0155/1415)(PDF, 1MB)

Executed VPA 984 Bullamalita Road, Quialigo (DA/0019/1516)(PDF, 409KB)

Development Contributions Register

Council’s Development Contributions Register can be found below:

Development Contributions Register 31 July 2019(PDF, 190KB)