Insurance Claims

If you wish to make a claim against Council, there are 2 options:

 1. Make a claim against your own insurance policy - for a Property or Motor Vehicle Claim.

Your insurer may consider seeking recovery against Goulburn Mulwaree Council. Please note that this option my result in an initial upfront payment to your insurer for the applicable excess. In general, insurance companies will pursue us for reimbursement where they consider us to be liable. In such cases, the excess amount may be waived. You should discuss this with your insurer prior to lodging your claim.

2. Make a claim directly to Goulburn Mulwaree Council - for Personal Injury, Property or a Motor Vehicle Claim.

If you are seeking compensation directly from Council for injury, loss or damage arising from an incident, please complete the 'Claims Handling Form' below and provide evidence and documentation as required. We will investigate the circumstances surrounding the incident to establish whether or not we have any legal liability.

Completion and acceptance of this form is not acceptance of liability or a waiver of its rights on the part of Council. All claims are assessed on their own merit. 

We will endeavour to respond to claims as quickly as possible however the processing of claims is dependent on the supply of relevant information and, therefore, assessment of your claim may take some time to complete.

Claim Reporting Form  (PDF, 213KB)