Road Closures

Current Road Closures 

  • Mills Road
  • Murrays Flat Road
  • Stewarts Crossing
  • Hetherington Street will be closed from Rocky Hill Sand and Soil to Arthur Street due to severe road pavement damage. Urgent repairs works will be undertaken on this section of road commencing on Monday 16th May to Monday 23rd of May 2022. Residents around Arthur Street will still be able to access from the Chiswick Street end.
  • Garroorigang Road will be closed during the day on Wednesday 20th ,Thursday the 21st and Friday the 22nd to allow road works to occur in repairing failed sections of pavement. It was Councils intention to undertake these works under traffic control conditions however the ground water is making this difficult to manage.The road will be open under traffic control conditions of an evening, please adhere to on site speed restrictions.

Drive with Caution

  • Bullspit Road at the Causeway - Damaged Pavement
  • Chinamans Lane
  • Highlands Way - Water Over Road
  • Sandy Point Road - Mayfield Road End & Cullulla Road End

Transport for NSW roads & other Council areas

Towrang Road at the Wollondilly River

The Towrang bridge will be impassable at 3.2m on the river gauge. 
Please note the information on the Bureau of Meteorology website is up to 2 hours old. It is up to the discretion of the individual to use this information pertaining to crossing the bridge during high water levels. Council does not recommend crossing the bridge when levels indicate that the water is rising.

View the latest Towrang Road river height information here.