Goulburn Mulwaree Council uses food and garden organics (FOGO) from your green lid bins to produce high quality compost, which can be purchased from Goulburn Waste Management Centre, subject to availability.

  • Compost can be purchased from 8am to 12pm on weekdays only, subject to availability
  • Always call to confirm if compost is available and make a booking on (02) 4823 4417
  • Compost will be loaded by GMC machine operators
  • As loads are required to be appropriately secured and covered with a tarpaulin before leaving the site
  • Customers purchasing compost must ensure that their trailer is rated at a minimum of 500kg capacity and that it is in safe and roadworthy condition

Council produces two grades of compost:

  • A GRADE - CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE - A Grade is a finely screened compost product (screened to 8mm) which is ideal to use for topdressing lawns and gardens. A Grade compost is $28 per m3 (limited to 3m3 per load after which a tonnage rate of $98/tonne will apply).
  • B GRADE - CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE - B Grade is a slightly bulkier compost product (screened to 15mm) which is perfect for use in garden beds and veggie patches. B Grade compost is $22 per m3 (limited to 3m3 per load after which a tonnage rate of $66/tonne will apply).


Compost can also be purchased in smaller quantities - you can purchase 4 x 16kg bags of B Grade compost for $22 (not available for individual sale). The packaging is completely compostable, so once you’ve emptied out the compost, you can place the bag into your green lid bin to be turned into more compost. Please phone the Waste Info Line on (02) 4823 4417 ahead of time to make a booking, as bags will be filled on request or while you're at the centre. Subject to availability.

Suggestions for Using Council’s Compost

For soil improvement, spread a 10-20mm thick layer of compost across soil surface and incorporate to a depth of 50-100mm then water thoroughly before planting.

Tips for Safe Use

This product contains micro-organisms.

  • Keep product moist when handling to minimise dust
  • Avoid breathing dust or mist
  • Wear a particulate mask
  • This product has a low risk of containing sharp materials – wear appropriate gloves and footwear as a precautionary measure 

Typical Analysis

Nitrogen (N) – 2.07%

Phosphorous (P) – 0.41%

Potassium (K) – 1.25%

pH – 7.48

Batch P5832

Please find a copy of the results here: Batch-P5832-Results.pdf(PDF, 722KB)

Benefits of Using Council’s Compost

  • Introduces quality carbon into the soil
  • Increases the health and activity of soil microbial populations
  • Helps prevent plant disease
  • Mobilises nutrients for plants
  • Improves soil structure
  • Improved moisture absorption
  • Improved water holding capacity for plants

This fully pasteurised compost is suitable for all residential and commercial applications.

Product Disclaimer

Goulburn Mulwaree Council produces compost that must meet the NSW EPA's Resource Recovery Order and Exemption. This Order and Exemption (The Compost Order 2016) ensures that the proper assessment and characterisation of waste that is intended for land has been managed in such a way to protect not only the environment and human health, but also to protecting the current and future uses of land on which the compost has been applied.  

Compost produced by Goulburn Mulwaree Council is made up of both self-haul green waste and the contents of kerbside organic waste bins, and as a result, the final product may contain the following: metal, plastic, sharps paraphernalia, glass particles etc. Please use personal personal equipment (PPE) when handling the compost.


Please call the Waste Info Line on (02) 4823 4417 for any further questions.