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In Goulburn Mulwaree we believe in Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Recycle to Reduce our Rubbish!

The best bin is an empty one where waste is avoided or reused... but we're also happy with a full recycling bin and organic waste bin!

For information about Waste Education activities or for advice/assistance, please email or call the Waste Info Line on (02) 4823 4417.

A range of excellent resources are available for educators or groups implementing waste education initiatives. Links are provided below:

Waste Management in Developments

Waste Management Guide For Developers

Council has developed this helpful guide for developers, for the purpose of undertaking thorough consideration of waste management practices for both residential and non-residential developments. Links below:

Waste Management Guide For Developers(PDF, 194KB)

Attachment A(PDF, 966KB)

Attachment B(PDF, 183KB)

NSW Environment Protection Authority Better Practice Guide for Resource Recovery in Residential Developments 2019

NSW Environment Protection Authority Better Practice Guidelines for Waste Management and Recycling in Commercial and Industrial Facilities 2012


Council's Waste and Resource Recovery Strategy is available below.

Waste and Resource Recovery Strategy(PDF, 4MB)


NSW EPA License

Goulburn Waste Management Centre is a licensed facility regulated by the NSW EPA. License details are available here: Summary Licence No: 6780

National Waste Reports

The National Waste Reports online resource presents a picture of waste management and resource recovery in Australia, drawing on a range of commissioned research, published sources and information provided by Australian, state and territory governments, business, industry and community organisations. The latest report is available here: National Waste Reports

Goulburn Waste Management Centre Pollution Incident Response Management Plan(PDF, 408KB)

Landfill Environmental Management Plan for Goulburn Waste Management Centre(PDF, 9MB)

Current Air & Water Quality Test Results - Goulburn Waste Management Centre(PDF, 3MB)