Water restrictions lifted after drenching rains

Published on 10 February 2020

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Water restrictions will be lifted for Goulburn City and the Marulan Township after drenching rain across the weekend, particularly on Sunday night.

Rainfall totals differed across the region, with reports ranging from 60mm to 110mm recorded at Pejar Creek while higher numbers were reported across the district. Pejar Dam, Sooley Dam and Rossi Weir are now all at 100% capacity, and therefore water restrictions will be lifted to Green Level which is our permanent water conservation level under the Water Use Policy.

“A wonderful weekend of rain means we are able to lift water restrictions to our ongoing green level, which is great news” said Mayor Bob Kirk.

“I would like to thank the community for a great response over the summer period, in which we saw people really reduce their water use under amber restrictions.

“Although we still have a long way to go to break this drought this is a huge boost for our farmers and rural residents who have been struggling through a harsh summer with extremely low feed and water. This rain will get things growing, and hopefully we will receive more rain over the coming months to set us up for a good autumn.”

Under green level restrictions target consumption is 270 litres per person per day, and hand held hoses can be used at any time to water plants or lawns. Vehicles and hard surfaces can be washed at any time, and watering systems and sprinklers can also providing this is between 5pm and 10am to ensure we are using water wisely.

A number of roads are still closed following the storms, and Council crews are assessing damage as possible. Major damage has been concentrated to Middle Arm, Mummel, Gurrundah, and Parksbourne areas, and Council expects damage to be in excess of the $250,000 threshold which would see us as eligible to apply for disaster assistance.

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