Mayoral Column 15th August 2019

Published on 14 August 2019

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Next week’s Council Meeting

Council will consider an especially large agenda at our meeting next Tuesday August 20th, so I thought for this week I would preview some of the important items for our community. As usual the agenda will be available to the public on Friday on Council’s website or at the Civic Centre, and as always, community members are welcome to attend the meeting at 6pm next Tuesday.

Performing Arts Centre

Council will consider an amended scope for the Goulburn Performing Arts Centre, which was done following our resolution on 21 May 2019.    

The approved construction budget in the 2019/20 budget for the project is $18.5m. Zauner Construction have amended the scope for the project, and provided us with two cost options, one including the fly tower and one excluding.

We are hopeful of being able to include the fly tower within the project as it has been noted as an important element by the performance community. The General Manager is recommending that we incorporate the fly tower for an additional cost of $450,000.

Review of B2 Local Centre Zoning in Marulan/Mistful Park

We will consider a post exhibition report regarding this zoning review. If accepted by Council as recommended by staff, this will include rezoning of a number of lots in Mistful Park and Marulan, adding tourist/visitor accommodation, camping ground and caravan park’ as permitted use for Lot 6 DP1220973 in the Mistful Park and amendment of floor space restriction for ‘neighbourhood shops’ from 1000m2 to a maximum of 250m2 among other elements of this review.

The changes would mean a medium sized local supermarket would be permissible in Mistful Park, Marys Mount. This review and planning proposal were placed on public exhibition from Thursday 27 June 2019 to Friday 26 July 2019.

Dossie Street Planning Proposal Amendment

Planning staff have put forward a report regarding a planning proposal that seeks to rezone elements of our Dossie Street land holding. The planning proposal would see two land parcels rezoned as General Industrial, a parcel as R5 Large Lot Residential, a significant lot rezoned E4 Environmental Living to preserve exotic grasslands and a small lot with heavy vegetation zones as RE1 Public Recreation.

If approved by Council this will be forward to the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment for a gateway determination.

Vietnam Veterans Day Service

This Saturday 17th August a Vietnam Veteran’s Day Service will be held at the Honour Roll in Belmore Park at 11am.

The ceremony traditionally marks the anniversary of the Battle of Long Tan. All serving ex-service members of the Defence Force, relatives and friends and members of the public are invited to attend.


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