Use of B-Triple trucks approved

Published on 31 July 2020

B-Triple Trial.png

The use of B-Triples at the Coles Distribution Centre has been approved following a trial in early July. Council, Police Highway Patrol, Transport for NSW Heavy Vehicle Haulage Representatives, Linfox and Coles were all present for the trial.

B-triples will be permitted to travel to and from the Coles Distribution Centre during the COVID-19 period only, from Monday to Friday. Coles are planning to utilise two a day during the afternoon hours, running from Eastern Creek to the Goulburn Distribution Centre and back.

The trial conducted in early July presented no issues, with the trucks able to simply navigate the corners and roundabouts required to access the distribution centre. The B-Triples will be coming straight off the highway to the Coles DC, and will not be entering the City.

Education has been undertaken with all drivers of the B-triples to ensure they understand the route, and do not enter Ducks Lane through the roundabout. 


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