Power Outage - Thursday 16th January

Published on 14 January 2020

Seiffert Oval Lighting.JPG

There will be a temporary power supply interruption this Thursday 16th January between 9am and 3pm when work is undertaken by Essential Energy for connection of the new Seiffert Oval lighting.

This will affect approximately 600 homes, businesses and properties around Victoria Park - these have all been notified by Essential Energy by letter drop.

Tips provided by Essential Energy to help minimise inconvenience:

  • you can help protect sensitive electrical appliances, such as computers, by switching them off and unplugging them before the planned outage time
  • if you rely on an electric pumping system for your household water supply, make sure you store enough water for your needs while the power is off
  • switch off stove hotplates, ovens and any other small appliances in case you're not home when power is restored, and avoid opening your fridge or freezer while the power is off
  • there should be no need to turn off solar inverters - they should automatically turn off and back on.
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