Magnificent plans for Shibetsu Garden finalised

Published on 10 July 2019

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The plans for a magnificent new Shibetsu Garden in Victoria Park have been finalised, after a delegation from our Sister City Shibetsu, Japan, visited Goulburn to provide guidance in developing the project during February.

Final plans set out a unique space that will be situated between Seiffert Oval, the Adventure Playground and the Victoria Park stage. The gardens will feature maple trees, cherry blossoms, pathways and a gazebo, all centred around a koi pond and a system of seven gentle waterfalls.

Mayor Bob Kirk said he was pleased by the progress made and looking forward to seeing work underway in the coming months.   

“The Japanese Garden in Victoria Park will be a unique asset for the region, which we expect will attract visitors from out of town. It will be a place where community members can relax, sitting around the pond with the background noise of the seven waterfalls.

“We are planning to begin work in August, with the goal of having the main entrance and some of the works completed by November when we will be visited by a delegation from Shibetsu to celebrate our 20th anniversary as Sister Cities.”

$500,000 is allocated to the Japanese Garden over two financial years, with Councillors allocating this money when creating the 4 year delivery program in 2017. The project coincides with the 20th anniversary of the sister city relationship between Goulburn & Shibetsu.

The Shibetsu delegation will be in the region from Monday 11th November for four days. This week the Shibetsu Student Exchange was farewelled, with 11 young Goulburn residents travelling to Japan for a cultural exchange.

Download the Shibetsu Garden Plan(JPG, 6MB)

 Shibetsu Garden Plan.jpg