Council elections deferred

Published on 26 March 2020


The September 2020 local government elections have been postponed for 12 months, in the face of the COVID-19 crisis.

It is the NSW Government’s intention that these council elections be held in September 2021, but this could be extended to December 2021 if the need arises. The postponement of the next elections will not change the future schedule of council elections, and the subsequent elections will still proceed in September 2024.

Current councillors and popularly elected mayors will continue to hold their civic offices until the rescheduled local government elections are held.

A mayoral election will need to be held in Goulburn Mulwaree in September this year in order for a Mayor to be elected through until September 2021 once the new election date is gazetted.

Council meetings in Goulburn Mulwaree will also be changing indefinitely, with these to now be closed to the community. Anyone with a specific issue who would like to address Council in public forum may do so by appointment, via calling 4823 4444.

At this stage meetings will continue to be held twice a month, and the webcast will continue in its current format which allows live or delayed viewing of the meetings. Councillors are now able to video conference into the meeting if they wish, and the webcast to the wider community will be continued in an altered format.

Council would also like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the tremendous challenges COVID-19 is causing, and reassure the community that our priority is maintaining our essential services throughout this difficult period.

It is essential that we all comply with restrictions on gatherings and social distancing requirements to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19. 

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