Council call for action on St John’s Orphanage

Published on 04 November 2021


Goulburn Mulwaree Council are pushing strongly for action by the owner of St John’s Orphanage following Tuesday night’s Council meeting.

Prosecution proceedings have been commenced against the owner, as the existing demolition order for three smaller buildings on site has not been complied with.

Council also issued a demolition order the largest building on site, which has been subject to the most fire damage (‘Building A’). The period of compliance for the order concludes on 5pm, 31st January 2022.

“Council has indicated that they will pursue demolition and clean-up of this site strongly in court, following numerous fires over the past five years” said General Manager Warwick Bennett.

“The site is dangerous, and all heritage significance has unfortunately been eroded away due to these fires with the buildings now beyond repair or restoration. Significant features such as the crucifix, stone elements and the foundation plaque must be salvaged.”

“It is very disappointing to see the property neglected, but Council has sent a clear statement in that they now want the site cleaned up, and they are open to future development to make use of the land.”

Council also resolved during the meeting that if the demolition order for Building A is also not complied with by 5pm on the 31st January that the General Manager is to seek order from the Land and Environment Court to enact the terms of the order (being demolition and remediation) and recover costs from the owner.

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