Council Meeting Briefs – 6th August 2019

Published on 07 August 2019


Mayoral Drought Relief Fund

Council renamed this fund the Mayoral Emergency Relief Fund and transferred the $38,174 over into this fund. Council will determine by resolution on an event by event basis what qualifies for assistance from the Mayoral Emergency Relief Fund.

CBD Enhancement – Actions Required

Council will reduce the proposed parallel parking Clinton Street between Sloane Street and Auburn Street. The taxi stand in Clinton Street adjacent to Kennard’s Hire will be removed, and the bus stop in Montague Street adjacent to the Court House will be removed and changed to 45 degree angle parking for cars. Councillors’ prioritised the CBD enhancement budget in the following order:

1. Heritage Building Facades (Painting Subsidies) - $20,000

2. Replacement of median strip with landscaping - $320,000

3. Line marking changes from reducing taxi stands and removing bus stop - $10,000

Riverside Park Consultation

Construction of the walking and cycling pathway in Riverside Park will proceed as planned. The location has been selected due to the local topography, and to ensure full disability access around the park. Any changes to the alignment would lead to significant cost increases.

Pigeon and Pest Bird Policy

Council adopted this policy with some minor amendments, and it will now be placed on public exhibition for a 28 day period.

Sister City and Friendship Region Policy

This policy will be placed on public exhibition for 28 days. Mayor Kirk will write to El Cajon (USA) and Jiangdu (China) to see if they wish to continue a sister city relationship with Goulburn. He will also write to Geluwe (Belgium) to see if they would consider a sister city relationship due to the historical connection of the cities associated with Mr William Leggett.

Financial Assistance

Financial assistance will be provided to the Goulburn Lilac City Festival, Lieder Theatre, Lynton Horse Trials, the Goulburn Relay for Life and Regional Development Australia Southern Inland. Full details of these contributions are available in the minutes.

Bourke Street Community Centre Leases

Council will enter a 10 year lease agreement with a five year right of renewal with U3A Goulburn Mulwaree for space at the Bourke Street Community Centre. Council also confirmed a lease agreement with the Goulburn & District Arts Society. 

Rocky Hill War Memorial Museum Strategic Plan 2019-2022

This Strategic Plan was endorsed. The four strategic goals the document is built around are:

1. Manage our collections to inspire
2. Build operational sustainability
3. Market the Museum as a key heritage tourism destination
4. Deliver programs based on collaboration and participation

 2019 Australian Blues Music Festival Evaluation

Council received this report, and will write to Laing Entertainment to acknowledge their efforts in delivering the Australian Blues Music Festival for the past 10 years.

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