Public Exhibition of a Planning Proposal – Additional Permitted Uses

On Display Indefinitely

Public Exhibition of a Planning Proposal – Additional Permitted Uses at:

 14 & 16 George St, Marulan and 159 Rifle Range Road, Goulburn

Goulburn Mulwaree Council gives notice of the public exhibition of a Planning Proposal under Schedule 1 Clause 4 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979. The intended outcome of this Planning Proposal is to amend the Goulburn Mulwaree Local Environmental Plan 2009, Schedule 1: Additional Permitted Uses by including the following as additional permissible uses:

  • food and drink premises on Lot 2, DP 1053945 at 14 George Street, Marulan
  • motel or hotel accommodation, pub and bottle shop on Lot 3, DP 1053945 at 16 George Street, Marulan
  • Dwelling house on part of Lot 1, DP 706477 at 159 Rifle Range Road, Goulburn

Goulburn Mulwaree Council is the delegated plan making authority for the Planning Proposal under the conditions of the gateway determination (available for viewing with the Planning Proposal).

 The Planning Proposal and supporting information  was on public exhibition from Monday, 6 September, 2021 until close of business Tuesday, 5 October, 2021. The Exhibition for this Planning Proposal has now closed.  

Contact Details:  If you would like to speak with a Council officer about the proposed amendment, please contact Council’s Strategic Planning Team on (02) 4823 4444 during business hours.


Post Gateway Planning Proposal(PDF, 2MB)

Gateway Determination(PDF, 110KB)

Gateway Determination Letter(PDF, 144KB)

Appendix 1 Marulan Truckstop 31 Indicative Redevelopment Plans(PDF, 7MB)

Appendix 2 Marulan Truckstop Council Report & Resolution- 6 April 2021(PDF, 2MB)

Appendix 3 Rifle Range Road Council Report & Resolution- 6 April 2021(PDF, 2MB)

Appendix 4 Marulan Truckstop 31 Economic Impact Assessment(PDF, 4MB)

Appendix 5 Marulan Truckstop 31 Social Impact Assessment(PDF, 5MB)

Appendix 6 Marulan Truckstop 31 Bushfire Map(PDF, 1MB)

Appendix 7 Marulan Truckstop 31 Waterways and Drainage Map(PDF, 1MB)

Appendix 8 Rifle Range Road Bushfire Map(PDF, 1MB)

Appendix 9 Rifle Range Road Drainage Map(PDF, 1MB)

Appendix 10 Rifle Range Overland Flow Study Map(PDF, 1MB)

Appendix 11a Water NSW Pre-Referral Response- 10 June 2021(PDF, 926KB)

Appendix 11b Water NSW Post-Gateway Referral Response- 23 August 2021(PDF, 185KB)

Appendix 12 Marulan Truckstop 31 Preliminary Site Investigation(PDF, 18MB)

Appendix 13 Marulan Truckstop 31 Detailed Site Investigation(PDF, 53MB)

Appendix 14 Marulan Truckstop 31 Heritage Map(PDF, 1MB)

Appendix 15 Marulan Truckstop 31 AHIMS Map(PDF, 1MB)

Appendix 16 Rifle Range Road Heritage Map(PDF, 2MB)

Appendix 17 Rifle Range AHIMS Map(PDF, 1MB)

Appendix 18 Goulburn Mulwaree DCP Potential Aboriginal Artifacts Map(PDF, 1MB)

Appendix 19 Marulan Truckstop 31 Accessibility Map(PDF, 2MB)

Appendix 20 Rifle Range Road- Shooting Range Location Map(PDF, 2MB)

Appendix 21 Rifle Range Road Range Danger Area Plan(PDF, 1MB)

Appendix 22 Marulan Truckstop 31 Stormwater Tributaries Map(PDF, 9MB)

Appendix 23a Rifle Range Road 1 in 20 year Flood Map(PDF, 2MB)

Appendix 23b Rifle Range Road 1 in 100 year Flood Map(PDF, 2MB)

Appendix 24 Rifle Range Road Vegetation Plan(PDF, 1MB)

Appendix 25 Marulan Truckstop 31 Water & Sewer Connections Map(PDF, 1MB)

Appendix 26 Marulan Truckstop Terrestrial Biodiversity Map(PDF, 1MB)

Appendix 27 Marulan Truckstop Biodiversity Values Map(PDF, 1MB)

Appendix 28 Marulan Truckstop 31 Bionet Map(PDF, 2MB)

Appendix 29 Rifle Range Road Biodiversity Officer Comments(PDF, 5MB)

Appendix 30a 14 George Street Additional Permitted Uses Map(PDF, 1MB)

Appendix 30b 16 George Street Additional Permitted Uses Map(PDF, 1MB)

Appendix 30c 159 Rifle Range Road Additional Permitted Uses Map(PDF, 1MB)

Appendix 31 Rural Fire Service Post-Gateway Referral Response- 3 August 2021(PDF, 236KB)

Appendix 32 DPIE- Biodiversity & Conservation Division Post Gateway Referral Response- 5 August 2021(PDF, 83KB)

Appendix 33 Transport for NSW Post-Gateway Referral Response- 2 August 2021(PDF, 877KB)

Appendix 34 Draft Schedule 1: Additional Permitted Uses Wording(PDF, 191KB)