Disclosures by Councillors and Designated Persons

In accordance with Council's Code of Conduct, Councillors and designated persons are required to submit a disclosure of pecuniary interests return each year. Information contained in returns is publicly available in accordance with the requirements of the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009.

Returns for Councillors and Staff are available below:


Councillor Banfield(PDF, 953KB)

Councillor James(PDF, 1MB)

Councillor Kirk(PDF, 936KB)

Councillor Prevedello(PDF, 1MB)

Councillor Ruddell(PDF, 981KB)

Councillor Shepherd(PDF, 1MB)

Councillor Strickland(PDF, 1MB)

Councillor Walker(PDF, 980KB)

Councillor Wood(PDF, 1020KB)