Bushfire Information

With Summer now around the corner we want to provide some further information on bushfire planning:

- Our region's Local Emergency Management Committee involves a number of agencies, including Council, who all have specific roles to play under the direction of the Local Controller who will determine which agency should take the lead (depending on the nature of the emergency) – e.g for fire this is Rural Fire Service, for flood it is usually SES

- Other LEMC members are then to follow the direction of that lead agency, and to provide their assistance and cooperation with resources, including communication.

- Should our area be declared ‘Catastrophic’ any time in the future, arrangements are in place for evacuation centres to be opened to allow owners to move animals such as horses early. The most likely venue is Goulburn Recreation Area but this can change depending on the emergency. Owners are responsible for care of their own animals.

- Smaller companion animals can be accepted at evacuation centres set up by the Welfare Functional Area for people. These are not usually opened unless there is a direct threat.

In the event of a extreme bushfire all agencies in the region - Council, RFS, Police, and the local media will coordinate communication to get information to the community as quickly as possible.